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Alex smokin

ANa lookin gorgeous

me playing w/ my cam

Darrel smiling for the camera >.<

Davids so rad

you owe me 7 ciggz! 7!! lol keep smiling biznitch

Erin and David lookin sweet

Hunter with his snazzy cake WELCOME HOME!

Jessica! we were in west oaks together!

Jess n David lookin sweet
Josh in his pimpin Barney sweatshirt

Kady lookin cute

David lookin pissed

David smokin our cigar!

Davids smokin hott! LOL

Jens gorgeous yet humongous ass


Yah arent pictures grand. its cool yhow you can just capture an instant in time and keep it forever.

<3Matt<3 he came over twice during the break. The secodn time i went to his house and met his dad. I was so nervous. We had lunch and went to see Paycheck which was a cool movie. Afterwards we had dinner at my house. we cuddled and kissed fo a while. it was really nice. <3 day by day my love for you grows<3

**PDAP** on new years we had round robin. .. i got pretty close to mindy jess and david. it was rad. i also saw jessica from west oaks which kicked some ass. turns out billy went there again and this time he had a bf. billys such a pimp. lol. so we had some meetings and we played games. we danced to 80s music for liek 30 min. my legs got so sore. Shelly was a riot. he was his usual self dancing in the way that only he can. i got to see richard to. On saturday we saw brother bear. i sat by darrell and david and we mostly smoked. i cant tell you any thing about that movie.**fun tymes**

)Kevin( Kevin is sucha doll. he has all these girl troubles and its so cute. my lil keveroo all grown up. his plan was a riot. i love him so. )Kisses on the cheek(

^Jess^ if you ever read this thanks for helping me out in the meeting when i cried. Jess is so rad. we have so much in common. her and david are adorable together. then again jess is adorable any where.^babydoll^


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    so i got a new lay out. comment and tell me what you think. i made it

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    LieDirteeRagDoll: i lost my virginity ZolaOnAOL: Where did you last see it. i am officialy a loser

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