January 13th, 2004


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::Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it:::
::Am I loveable::
::How long have you known me::
::When and how did we first meet::
::What was your first impression::
::Do you still think that way about me now::
::What do you think my weakness is::
::Do you think I'll get married::
::What makes me happy::
::If you could give me anything what would it be::
::How well do you know me::
::When's the last time you talked to me::
::Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't::
::Do you think I could kill someone::
::Do you think our friendship is getting stronger/weaker/or
::Do you feel that you could talk to me about anything and I would listen::
::Are you going to put this on your LiveJournal and see what I say about you::
::Could you ever see yourself falling for me::
::Have I ever let you down::
::Have you ever been intemidated by me::
::Do you hold anything against me::
::Have you ever been so mad at me, you swore to never be my friend again::
::If not, have I said the same thing to you::
::How would you describe our friendship::
::Have you ever thought of me while falling asleep::
::Have you ever belived to have feelings for me other than friendship::
::Have you ever lied to me::
::If so, come clean now::
::Do you ever wish I could change myself for you::
::Finnally, do you think we will stay friends, no matter what happens::
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[+]I hurt: for you
[+]I love: no one
[+]I hate: conformity
[+]I cry: for the tears you cant shed
[+]I fear: love
[+]I hope: for inner peace
[+]I feel alone: always
[+]I kill: for you
[+]I talk: alot
[+]I listen: to you
[+]I break: hearts
[+]I see: the sorrow
[+]I smell: flowers
[+]I taste: sucsess
[+]I work: for sobriety
[+]I remember: every thing
[+]I hold: my self back
[+]I hide: from the world
[+]I pray: to god
[+]I walk: away
[+]I read: your mind
[+]I burn: your soul
[+]I breathe: in the pain
[+]I play: with your heart
[+]I miss: the past
[+]I touch: you
[+]I learn: to give up
[+]I feel: alone
[+]I said: And its Pagan Poetry
[+]I dream: of far away places
[+]I have: what i need
[+]I want: you
[+]I fall: in love
[+]I wait: for you
[+]I need: to smile
[+]I live: for you
[+]I die: for you
[+]I am: yours
[+]I thank: you

*tears are shed on this barren waste land. Hydrating the ground it falls on. Leaving path on my cheeks. Paths your fingertips once knew well. trace them once more. i need a hand to hold*

)im in one of my moods. i left school early because im caughing up blood. Matt didnt come to school, i think i broke his heart. i feel awfull. adams mad at me. kevins mad at me.im mad at me(

^Mouse died yesterday. i knew it would happen. i held her till she passed. her breathing was labored and she was opening and closing her mouth. though when she was alive i barely noticed her i cried when she tied. I buried her today. and placed a rose on the earth above her. rest knowing a creature died in my hands..is so scary..i feel like every thing i touch is dying slowly oin the inside and sooner or later it begins to seep out. Death comes so quickly, to all. Your heart doesnt just beat, it counts down^
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Insanity Doing the same things over and over expecting different results.

)x( if thats the definiton of insanity i should have been locked up long ago. In straightjackets and restraints i will rule my padded room well. With a bottle of Lexapro in one hand and a septor in the right. Oh the reign of the pill popping princess. )x(