January 11th, 2004


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*and its Pagan Poetry*

-Matt- what to do what to do. I talked to Maggy and shge said the relationship was an unhealthy one. the last thing i want to do is to hurt matt. what to do what to do -think think-

*Kevin* me and Kevin arent talking nearly as much. i suppose its okay. i still love him. i wonder who he talks to most. hm...probably adam. adams rad. i cnat wait for their party.*Keveroo*

)schedule change( I got my schedule changed so now i have a class with nickie and zelene and a class with kayley matt and patricia SCORE )smiles(

::PDAP:: before i went to PDAP i went to Corner stone which im goign to start going to every Saturday before PDAP functions. I cut my hair at PDAP and so did Jessica. She choipped all hers off and i got bangs and shortened mine. The function was a video scavenger hunt it was so fun. Lets see, i had to ask old people for their numbers stand on a mc donalds counter and sing and dance to the YMCA do a drill team dance do a fake miss america speech over a store intercom and alot more. i dunno it sounds stupid but it was a blast. it was girls vs guys. no one knows hu won. Andrew convincing hillary to marry him was a riot so was shellys spazz out eryn move.i got a new pack of ciggz from darrell which kicks some ass. um i shared about somethign personal in a meeting and they almost called the cops to make a report about it. i was so worried. but every things good now.::Serenity::

^hair^ im streaking my hair dark blue and dark purple. woo ^kinky^
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