January 6th, 2004


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I am so fucking pissed off. and the first thing that comes to my mind is cut cut cut. its all i can think about. i can feel the blood bubbling up waiting to escape. i long for another scar, yet at the same time i know thatd be stupid, itd be immature,itd be insane. I've been reading my 30 day prayer to people and im finding it doesnt mean much to me. OKay but my friend Kevin got mad at me for hanging out with the girl he likes. i mean wtf! heez all i feel like theirs competition. what the fuck! its not like sheez bi or any thing why does he give a damn. the only reason we were so close together was because we were cold. ugh cna we say overreaction. On another note. i just needed to get that out. i wouldnt cut over it. im good now. so today i got to see cody!~ it was so rad. i love cooody!~ So me and Matt cuddled and kissed all day and i got kicked out of Algebra! WOOO! Mr Guinther thought id be sad, lol how pathetic i was liek YES!!!!so caits gone for good which is a mixature of good and bad so w/e.
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